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Top 10 Intraday Trading books that you must read to ace the game of trading

by Financegossips

A beginner's guide to day trading online

In this book, Toni Turner discussed the fundamental concepts of technical analysis, trading strategies, and risk management.

how to day trade for a living

 Mr. Andrew Aziz in his book talked about the fundamentals of day trading and the differences between intraday and other forms of trading.

how to make money in intraday trading

Mr. Ashwani Gujral has included numerous graphs and charts in the book to make you understand the concepts of trading.

Technical analysis of the financial markets

Mr. Murphy is a financial market analyst and was a technical analyst for CNBC. He has poured all of his knowledge into this book, which you must read.

japanese candlestick charting techniques

Trading is nothing without candlesticks. They are the most important tool to operate trading strategies. The author has discussed about all candlestick patterns that the modern traders use.

Start day trading now

 Mr. Michael Sincere is a MarketWatch and Wall Street Journal Columnist. He shared money management lessons, tactics to use while trading, and interviews with popular traders in his book.

market wizards

This book features interviews of Mr. Jack with the 17 most popular traders who beat the market. It is always considered best to learn from others' mistakes.

trading in the zone

The component of fear and greed can easily impact your trade decision. To help you overcome that barrier, Mark Douglas came up with book on trading psychology.

Mastering the trade

 If you want to work on your basics, you can go with this book where Mr. Carter discussed accurate strategies, mistakes to avoid, and tips to follow.

high probability trading

In this book, you will learn about how much to trade, how can you set up a trade, and more importantly, what should you consider while making that trade.