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13 Best Equity Research Books That You Must Read

by Financegossips

THe intelligent investor

In this book, Mr. Graham has talked about long-term investment strategies and concepts of value investing.

you can be a stock market genius

Mr. Joel has suggested various ways to become successful in investing arena. And time and again talked about the benefits of being an individual investor over professional money managers.

equity research for the technology investor

This work of Sudeep Bajikar is specially focused on the technology sector and how by investing in it, you can create fortunes.

best practices for equity research analysts

The author has talked about how to better forecast the market and also discussed the techniques for stock-picking. The book is specially written for people who want to become research analysts.

security analysis

Like ‘The Intelligent Investor,’ this book also reflects light on value investing, for which Mr. Graham is renowned, but it contains actual events analysis that helps you to figure out what’s next.

the smart money method

In his book, Mr. Stephen shared the step-by-step process of picking market-beating stocks; for how long to maintain them in your portfolio, and the time of selling them to garner profit.

unholy grails

Unlike the value investing books, Unholy Grails talks about momentum investing, which is totally the opposite of the ‘buy and hold strategy.’

how markets really work

The book is full of graphs and charts, which help you to get a better understanding of the scenarios that the authors talk about, which are market functionality and how to make investment decisions based on that.

the most important thing

‘The Most Important Thing’ is a key to successful investing and also a disclaimer for the pitfalls you are going to face. It is kind of a memoir too with innumerable key takeaways.

the investment checklist

Mr. Shearn has offered you numerous checklists, which will help you to choose among various investment strategies. And the principles mentioned in the book are also considered by many investment managers.


This book offers you all lessons you need about corporate valuation. It is specially written for financial professionals and students in the field, but you can also get benefitted as it is available for all.

the alchemy of finance

Mr. Soros has shared a practical and theoretical account of current financial trends. He credits his ‘theory of reflexivity’ for his unique investment strategies, and you are going to know that in this book.

principles of quantitative equity investing

Mr. Ray has shared some of the best quantitative strategies in his book that will help you to invest in US equities using Equities Lab Software.