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10 BEst books on bond investing That You must read before your first investment

by Financegossips

The strategic bond investor

This book explains the different types of bonds and the risks associated with them. It also helps you to forecast market behavior.

the bond book

If you are a bond investor looking for information on the fixed-income market or an equity investor who wants to diversify their portfolio, this bonk investing book is what you need.

Bonds: The unbeaten path to secure investment growth

This book is full of case studies, financial planning overviews, and detailed bond strategies, which are helpful for both novice and sophisticated bond investors.

bond markets, analysis, and strategies

It is a widely-used textbook that explains analytical techniques, portfolio strategy, and fundamental features of bonds. Here you will get practical applications of the principles and real-world examples to help you in bond investing.

the coming bond market collapse

The author painted an alarming picture of a huge interest rates shock and also provided strategies and techniques for investors to protect their assets and returns from upcoming financial disasters.

Bonds: A Step-by-Step Analysis with Excel

The author teaches you to price a bond, calculate various measures of bond returns, estimating the bond price’s volatility, convexity, and duration.

bond investing for dummies

Aside from the fundamental concepts, Mr. Russell teaches you different ways to select and purchase bonds as per your needs. And how you can maximize the returns and minimize the risks while selling those bonds.

managing a corporate bond portfolio

This book provides you with lessons regarding the corporate bond portfolio, where you gain insights into the latest trends, and how these trends drive prices.

the handbook of municipal bonds

Did you know, Municipal bonds are exempted from the taxation policy? But, still there exist issues on both the buy- and sell-side, which you need to know. The book's work is to make you understand those issues and ways to resolve them.

the handbook of convertible bonds

The bonds that have features of equity and also of debt are called convertible bonds. Interesting, aren’t they? Though the topic is also a complex one, the authors did their best to make it simple.